Madison Raine
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
The Waking 1
Last Appearance
Dreams End 4

Madison Raine is one of the main characters of The Waking. She is the only child of Jonathan Raine.


Madison is the only child of Jonathan Raine.

In the Comics

The Waking

The Waking 1

The Waking 2

Madison is trying to escape from where her dad has locked her up. She wants to kill the man who killed her and he doesn't want her to, because if she does, he will lose her, again.

The Waking 3

The Waking 4

Dreams End

Dreams End 1

Madison is watching Vanessa, quietly biding her time in the shadows.

Dreams End 2

Dreams End 3

Dreams End 4

Finally showing herself to Vanessa, Madison tells her that she forgives Vanessa, providing Vanessa with a moment of peace, but only a moment as Madison's forgiveness is not enough to protect Vanessa.


Fly 1

A drunk Jonathan is on the staircase of Eddie's apartment mumbling Madison's name in his sleep.